History of St. Philip’s Church

In 1909, the chapel car, St. Anthony, sponsored by the Catholic Extension Society of America, came to Oregon. After traveling to Ranier and Newberg, it stopped in Sheridan; then came to Dallas. Rev. Hugh McDevitt was the chaplain on board.  He gave a mission in Dallas, Falls City and Independence. In the next year, churches were built with the help of the Extension Society in Sheridan, Dallas and Independence. St. Philip’s was built during the spring of 1910 and dedicated on July 3, 1910.

In 1920, Archbishop Christie appointed Francis Leipzig, a newly ordained priest, as the pastor of Good Shepherd Church in Sheridan with Dallas, Falls City and Independence as missions.

In 1955, Rev. Albert Rodakowski was appointed the first pastor and St. Philip became a parish. Later in 1958, during Father Rodakowski’s tenure, a mission was established in Valsetz called Our Lady of the Woods.  Also during his tenure, he purchased 31 acres in the City of Dallas for $23,000.

In the 1980’s, discussion began about building a new church. Father Stobie, a former construction contractor, was heavily involved in the completion process. In 1987, the church was finished but not formerly dedicated until its consecration by Aux. Bishop Kenneth Steiner in 1991.

In 1990, Father Jerry Quintal was assigned the parish and the Spiritual Life Center was added in 2005 along with other numerous upgrades and projects during his 20 year tenure.

Father Michael P. Johnston was assigned to St. Philips on July 1, 2009 and continues to serve as the energetic pastor of St. Philip at this time.

By Mark Bliven, Parish Historian